Honeycomb Digital™  The regular smooth laminated plywood cases from other manufacturers tend to scratch and damage more easily and more often than the ProX Honeycomb Digital™ design which helps prevent minor to mild scratches.  Since 1984 we have always made very durable cases that stand up to rough handling by professional entertainers and live performance road crews.  We wanted a symbol that would instantly convey that our cases are tough.  This design gives the cases a sleek appearance, some say an "almost alien" look which sets ProX cases apart from other companies. This external case design was inspired in 2009 by the pattern used on New York City Street Manhole covers which are made to handle rough and tough everyday punishment.     The Honeycomb Digital™ design is an exclusive trademark of ProX Live Performance Gear® and trademark registration is in process with the USPTO.




ProX Gig Ready Cases™ is just that.  Built with the quality construction, appropriate features, and functions for the product that it protects.   With ProX Cases, our 3/8" plywood is used on our DJ cases and many other cases we manufacture.  However, for our TruckPak™ series 1/2" plywood is used for additional strength and durability demanded by professional touring companies.  It means that these cases help you be “Gig-Ready” with the quality cases that you need to not only protect your valuable equipment but have a great appearance, functional utility, and options to meet your personal needs but those of the event or “gig” that you are doing.  When you see the designation Gig Ready Case™ you will know that we are doing everything we can leading up to that Gig-Ready moment for you!  GIG is slang for a musical or DJ performance or any job, especially one of short duration.  The first documented use of this term in musical context appears in Melody Maker 7, September 1926 with a byline stating “One Popular Gig Band….”.  Professional entertainers and production companies have for many years used the term “Gig-Ready” to mean that they have the necessary attitude, talent, equipment, transportation, staff, and experience to handle the performance.  Thus, they are “Gig-Ready”.  Think of being Gig-Ready like applying for a job.  You layout everything relevant to the “gig” or product usage that shows how you are “Gig-Ready”!

“It’s not about having one reason to succeed it’s about having no reason why you would fail.”