Introducing Honeycomb Digital™ by ProX Live Performance Gear® – a signature case design meticulously crafted with a high-quality protective laminate, boasting a striking 3D hexagonal grid texture reminiscent of a honeycomb. This innovative and sleek design not only sets ProX cases apart with their "almost alien" appearance but also serves a practical purpose by effectively preventing scuffs and scrapes.

Since 1984, we have been passionately committed to engineering highly durable cases that can withstand the rigors of rough handling by professional entertainers and live-performance road crews. Drawing inspiration from the pattern found on New York City Street Manhole covers, known for their ability to endure tough everyday punishment, our Honeycomb Digital™ design embodies the same resilient spirit.

We take pride in our cases' ability to safeguard valuable equipment, offering unparalleled protection and style to our customers. Honeycomb Digital™ is an exclusive trademark of ProX Live Performance Gear®, and we are currently in the process of registering this remarkable design with the USPTO, solidifying its uniqueness and recognition in the industry. With Honeycomb Digital™, you can trust that your gear is in the hands of true professionals.