Welcome, and thank you for becoming a ProX Live Performance Gear Dealer! This document will provide you with all necessary information to manage your Dealer Account transaction parameters with ProX Direct, such as Shipping, Returns, Support, etc.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide high quality, professional grade equipment to you, at the most competitive possible price, and provide the tools you need to be a proud ProX Live Performance Gear Vendor.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:30am - 6:00pm, Friday 9:30am - 3:00pm, Eastern Standard Time.  Saturday & Sunday Closed.


  • Prospective dealers must first submit a dealership application, a valid state resale certificate number,  and secure approval from ProX prior to any sale.
  • Dealers must abide by Xstatic Pro, Inc. (ProX) strict MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. No exceptions.
  • Local taxes are the responsibility of the dealer/account holder.
  • All approved Dealers are expected to uphold and promote the ProX Brand in the proper, high caliber representation to which we cater and design for.


  • Minimum OPENING order with a minimum of 5 SKU’s represented required.
  • All Dealers are required to maintain purchases of $5,000 annually to keep the dealership active. We reserve the right to refuse sale and service to anyone for any reason at any time and terminate the dealer account.
  • All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • $100.00 for established accounts only. All orders below this level will be charged a $10.00 handling fee.


All orders should have a PO submitted with your account and order information (including any in-house PO or Tracking numbers you use in notes). You may submit these via the following methods; FAX, email, phone, and through your Online Dealer Account order form.

  • WEBSITE P.O. Login at www.ProXDirect.com/dealer.proxdirect.com account and use our Ordering Cart.
  • FAX Number: 718-237-2318
  • Direct Voice Phone: 718-237-2299
  • Email direct: info@ProXDirect.com
  • Your Company Sales Rep

Upon processing your order, our dealer team will contact you to process your preferred method of payment. These consist of:

  1. COD Certified Check: COD Company checks needs advance approval by our credit department.
  2. CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED: Pay As you Go with MasterCard, Visa, 3% processing fees apply. Signed transaction authority form required.
  3. PAYPAL.COM ACCOUNT:  We will process each purchase individually through PayPal.com invoicing. PayPal’s 3% processing fees apply.
  • Completing your Dealer Application and establishing an account with ProX does not automatically assign you a line of Credit. You may fill out our Credit Card Authorization form to keep a card on file for expedited automatic billing.
  • Pay by Check orders require two weeks for fulfillment, or until payment has been processed.
  • C.O.D. orders are payable by cashier’s check, money order, or credit card unless approved for a company check.
  • C.O.D. orders will be shipped only via UPS or FedEx. No C.O.D. orders will be shipped via common freight carriers.
  • Refusing an order will automatically result in the account being put on PREPAID terms.
  • Prices are F.O.B. our Warehouse at 55 Hook Road #46, Bayonne, NJ 07002


  • Drop Shipments may be requested and will be made at the sole discretion of ProX.
  • Available via FedEx, UPS, or Freight. Local delivery is available within 5 miles of our warehouse location, with a minimum purchase of $800.00 and a service charge of $15.00.

Free Shipping Terms:  All Orders, excluding cables, over $3500 USD net qualify for free freight delivered within the contiguous 48 states.

All Cable-Only orders over $400 USD net qualify for free freight delivered within the contiguous 48 states.

Trussing Orders Shipping Cost (sticks, corners, arcs, bases, quick truss systems)

Trussing orders up to $3,499, a flat rate fee of $300 delivered within the 48 contiguous states,
Trussing orders Over $3500 NET has free shipping, delivered within the 48 contiguous states.

All Freight excludes extra service charges such as tail gate lift and residential delivery charges.

If you desire other shipping options, please specify shipping instructions when placing orders. Otherwise we will ship best way at our discretion.

Free freight does not include extra service charges such as tail gate lift, C.O.D fees and residential delivery charges.

RETURNED CHECKS: A fee of $30.00 will apply to all returned checks. We reserve the right to re-evaluate the account terms after any incidence.


  • Please visit http://warranty.ProXDirect.com for complete Limited Warranty terms.
  • Warranty valid only in the contiguous United States only.
  • Our limited warranty strictly covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.
  • Warranty period begins from your date of purchase from an authorized ProX Dealer.
  • The limited warranty can be amended or changed by ProX at any time without notice.
  • All warranty claims are judged under the terms of the limited warranty. There is no “grandfathering” of previous terms and conditions from the time of product purchase through the time of the claim.

LIMITED WARRANTY BY PRODUCT: (Valid only in the contiguous 48 States.) From date of purchase to the original purchaser of the product, provided that such product was purchased in the United States from an authorized ProX dealer, and proper dated invoice or sales receipt is presented at the time of requesting warranty service.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL WARRANTY TERMS

  • ProX Cases: Limited Life Time Warranty
  • ProX ZeroG™ EVA Cases:  One year (365 days) Limited Warranty
  • ProX Truss: One year (365 days) Limited Warranty
  • ProX Stands: One year (365 days) Limited Warranty
  • ProX Cables: Limited Life Time Warranty
  • ProX Bags: One year (365 days) Limited Warranty
  • Xstatic Pro Lighting: One year (365 days) Limited Warranty
  • UNO Laser: One year (365 days) Limited Warranty

This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the unit, at our option upon our inspection and verification of the nature of the defect. This warranty will not apply to products that have been abused, broken, improperly used or operated ratings exceeding our specifications, nor to units that have been altered or repaired in any way by any person or firm other than ProX. Tampering with serial number identification voids this warranty.

On products not of our own, ie. proprietary ProX., the standard original manufacturer warranty will apply.