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Chicago Largest LED Lighting and Laser Exhibition
Pro Sound and Lighting Equipment for the Professional DJ

AVMaxx.com employs top rank professionals in the Live Sound and Lighting Industry. 30 Years of combined experience makes the huge difference among our competitors. Our wide selection of Pro Audio & Lighting followed by our one of a kind expert advice, will make your on-line shopping experience one that you will never forget.

We stock the most innovative and current products by: ProX Cases, ProX Truss, ProX Cables, ProX Stands, Xstatic Pro Lighting and Lasers, Behringer, Chauvet, Shure, Samson, RCF, Pioneer, KRK, Rane, QSC, JBL, EV, Ilumenatrix, Reloop, db Technologies, Denon, Stanton, Technics, Mackie, Ultimate Support, On Stage, dbx, High End, Martin, Elation, Gemini, Nady, Alto, Numark, Alesis, Akai, Beats By Dre, Native Instrument, Rane Serato, Pioneer Dj, Zoom, Allen & Heath, Midas ,American Audio, Crown,Crest Audio, Peavey, American Dj, Hosa, Chauvet Trusst, Ortofona, Novation, Roland, M-Audio, PreSonus, UDG,Voco Pro,Soundcraft, TC-Helicon, Cerwin Vega, Stanton, Jamstands, Selenuim, Sony, Global Truss, Proel.
We understand that online shopping requires of time and trust. We have a saying: "Why buy it twice" Buy it right the first time. We love to talk,so please give a us a call oh don't forget:? You will Like Us.

DJ Equipment:
We are the largest authorized dealer and distributors of DJ Equipment nation wide offering the lowest prices and featuring award winning customer service. Want to be a DJ? Let us teach you the basics step by step for free.?

Live Sound:
Our experts in the field of Live Sound have gone on tour nation wide and have plenty of experience to share. Our
selection on PA Speakers,Amplifiers,Sub-woofers,Powered Speakers,Active Speakers,Powered Sub-woofers,Floor Monitors,Side Fields,Analog and Digital Mixing Consoles cannot not be compared.

LED Lighting:
We are proud to say that we stock the largest selection in LED Lighting. From affordable LED Moving heads,Up Lighting,Color Wash,DMX LED Effect Lighting to cost effect Mobil Lighting

Sales hot Line: 773-930-3441

At Avmaxx we pride in our work and what we do.

We believe that it starts off with the employees! In our hiring process we make sure we only select "Working Professionals" with the ability to advice someone new to the field.

All of our employees are very passionate about what they do and care about the needs of others. Our staff is always willing to listen and make your next gig a huge success whether its helping you set a light to DMX mode or setting up the audio for an event. No matter how big or small our staff cares and will do their best to make sure everything comes out the right way.

Our experience is what makes the difference between us and our competitors.
With over30 years of combined experience, we sure know what to recommend and advice our customers. From DJing in weddings to opening concerts for well known artist we have done it all. We are very big on customer service and we are not the type of people that only care about closing a sale; we go beyond that. We make sure after we close the sale that out customers know how to operate whatever it is that they purchased no matter how long or fast a customer gets it, we will make sure the customer understands.

Selling quality products is one of the biggest things that we really pride in.

We see no point in buying something twice and definitely not spending money that is unnecessary and that is why we only carry high quality name brands regardless if its a power cord or a speaker we like to sell something that is going to get the customers moneys worth. We have a motto and its a??Why buy it twice? But it once and buy it right!a??

If something does go wrong with your product and its out of warranty or if you just simply don't want to go through all the warranty paperwork and hassle we have a highly experienced technician on site that is always ready to service your unit and offers free estimates.

Not only do we carry and sell high quality products but we go the extra mile by having everything in display because just like buying a car, you dona??t know what is right until you drive it and you feel it. The same goes with any of the products here before you buy it we let you see it, hear it and even feel it! We are very proud to say that we are one of the few stores that have an interactive showroom. Most importantly we are a corporation with very high standards to satisfy everyone that comes through the door or calls us. We are here for all your needs and we promise to do our best to help you with each and every one of your needs. We love to talk so feel free to call us and ask us anything!

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