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934 East 11th Street
Los Angeles , CA USA 90021


Hello from Hollywood! This is Allan, Owner of Hollywood DJ and I'm glad you found us. We've been helping DJ's get the DJ gear they need for decades and that's what we specialize in. Not many folks are using turntables anymore but yes, we have those and even stock full-size coffins. We also have all of the new amazing cutting edge DJ Controllers from Pioneer DJ that are completely electronic and crazy fun to operate. 

We help some of the biggest names in Hollywood get the right speakers, DJ lighting and effects they need.  We're here to help you get the right DJ gear that fits you. 

Looking to buy a photobooth for rentals and events? We are now a dealer for photo booth equipment including stands, cases and printers. Checkout our photo booths for sale.

Checkout the new Mackie DRM Series speaker arrays. The Mackie Powered Speakers are easy to setup and sound terrific with Bluetooth Technology. They also have power adapting technology so they'll sound awesome regardless of how crappy the power is at the club! . 

if you're in LA you can stop by the shop and take a listen right here at the shop. We've got them setup in our Stage Lighting Showroom (the largest permanent Chauvet DJ lighting showroom in the nation).  Our Chauvet DJ lighting showroom features Moving Head Lights, DJ Laser Lights, strobes, foggers with onboard lighting, hazers and all the popular stage lights including spot lights, LED wash lights. We set it up in a completely blacked out room so you can see the lights the way they were intended, just like in a club or concert hall. We have the largest permanent DJ stage lighting display in North America!

Our DJ store here in Los Angeles features knowledgeable DJ's and Pro Audio Professionals on staff that are happy to help you find the perfect DJ Equipment! Whether it's a mixer, lighting setup or complete PA system we're here for you!

Maybe you've got an open area bar party at the beach or a last-minute rooftop dancing session, we’ve got you covered with the coolest DJ speakers, DJ Controllers and mixing equipment available. Make sure to check out our Mackie Speakers with Bluetooth made for super easy setup. Also if you're looking for a Fog Machine or DJ lights we've got some killer stuff from Elation Lighting.  We also have some amazing new DJ laser lights from Chauvet DJ at an amazing price. DJ laser lights like the scorpion light series are powerful for small and large venues.

These little lasers provide simple beams or futuristic aerial effect which is always a crowd pleaser and never gets old. We have all of the popular stage lighting effects in stock and can help you build a killer touring rig or permanent install for your club. All of our DJ Lights can be setup in series or independent control via DMX.

We have package deals when you purchase a specialized case for your new Shure Wireless Microphone System or DJ Controller. It's so important to keep your new gear protected with a case that fits perfectly. We have the entire line of ProX Cases available at our store and can hook you up with a great package deal, just give us a call.

From professional DJs to the number one amateurs, we have something for everyone. We work with club owners, restaurants and bars across the nation to create custom packages for Karaoke and house sound systems. We even offer 0% interest financing options to help you afford the equipment you need now! Give us a call anytime for help choosing the right equipment for your next gig 1-800-700-4542.

Did you know we have the largest stage lighting showroom in North America and probably the world! We feature only the best Chauvet Lighting systems with full moving head lights for high end clubs and large arena style productions and the biggest concerts, television productions and international exhibits. We provided an incredible stage effect and lighting system for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards this year from our rental department! Call us anytime, we're happy to help you build the perfect stage lighting system for touring or permanent install 800-700-4542.


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