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KPODJ Lighting & DJ Gear

12B Lakeside Blvd
Call: 877-775-7635 Text: 201-204-0557

KPODJ is a family owned store created by DJ's, for DJ's. We focus on helping & educating customers...not negotiations. Simply log-in for rock bottom prices: www.kpodj.com

History - How it all started

KPODJ was started in 2002 as a DJ service company for weddings and private parties. Since we networked well with many other DJs and DJ companies, we saw an opportunity to make some extra money buying DJ gear wholesale and supplying the DJ's we worked with.

Since we offered heavily discounted rates, word spread fast and the phone started ringing for DJ sales more than DJ services. Eventually we decided to "go big or go home." We bought a warehouse, opened almost all of the popular DJ lines direct with manufacturers, hired extra employees, built a website, and finally opened a storefront location. Today our DJ service company is still running strong and growing every year, but it now accounts for less than 1 percent of the combined gross revenue between our Sales, Rentals, and Services.

Where did "KPODJ" come from?

Well, the owner's last name is "Capo". In Italian, that can mean: boss, top, head or master. In Italy, an expert of a specific field may be called "Capo de [blank]". (The term "[blank]" would of course be replaced by the field of which the person is an expert.) "Capo" is actually a part of many Italian words and names. The last name "Capo" is much less common than an Italian last name with "Capo" as a prefix.

Anyway, since we aren't in Italy, we decided to Americanize it. The Italian pronunciation "Cap Oh" is often pronounced "Kape Oh" in America. For the company name we phonetically spelled it the shortest way possible: "K po". And since we were going American, we didn't do anything with "DJ."

The problem was that without the background knowledge, customers had a hard time understanding/pronouncing the name. So we changed it to all letters: "K P O DJ." We did work backwards and made up with a few ways to turn K.P.O. into an acronym, but we decided to scrap that idea. How many people know what the letters in QSC, JBL, RCF or RCA stand for? The meaning of the name is much less important than what the company represents.

We carry the biggest brands at warehouse prices

The right DJ equipment can make or break any event, whether it takes place in a stadium of screaming fans, or a living room filled with family and friends. After all, months of preparation can all go to waste if your sound system cuts out or your lighting setup flake outs.

Nothing - not even natural talent or a flair for showmanship - can make up for unreliable DJ gear. That's why the team at KPODJ is so dedicated to making sure that you take to the stage with the best DJ equipment for sale.

We understand that up-and-coming DJs don't have limitless budgets - especially if they're just getting into the business. Even the most experienced performers shouldn't have to take out a second mortgage to upgrade their DJ equipment. So, we set up shop to bring our customers high-quality DJ equipment at reasonable prices.

No DJ setup is complete without the proper lighting equipment. For that, turn to KPODJ for the best of Xstatic Pro Lightin lighting elements. And, of course, the audio-visual experts at KPODJ are always available to help you get to grips with your new DJ equipment.

For more control, we've got the best of Numark
Speakers and lighting systems are an important part of any live event, but no DJ set is complete without a decent controller. After all, this piece of DJ equipment dictates how well the intricate details of your set come across. This area can be especially overwhelming for newcomers used to working with their laptops, so don't be shy about consulting our staff about this DJ gear.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro SR is one of the best options on the market right now for DJs at any experience level. Equipped with two ultra-sensitive control wheels and a mixer, this complete DJ set has everything you need to craft a playlist that'll wow any crowd.

Basically, we've got everything you need for an incredible event

Whatever the size and scale of the occasion, KPODJ has everything you need to really make an impact. We've got the visual and audio equipment to suit any event, whether it's a business conference, baptism or all-night blowout.

Why buy DJ equipment from KPODJ

We started this business because we wanted to help our fellow music-lovers find their signature sound, and for that, they need the right equipment. Forget about pushy sales reps - this is a family-owned business that has one end goal in mind: providing the best quality DJ equipment on the market (without making you bankrupt).

At KPODJ, we know all of the unexpected challenges that can crop up during a live event. That's because, as a team of experienced DJs ourselves, we've actually been through them. So, when you purchase DJ gear from us, you'll also benefit from years of first-hand experience in the local music scene.

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