Pro Truss Ladder Segment 9.84ft (3.00m) F34 3mm

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XT-SQPL984 Pro Truss Ladder Segment 9.84ft (3.00m) F34 3mm

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ProX XT-SQPL984 Pro Truss Ladder Segment 9.84ft (3.00m) F34 3mm


ProX XT-SQPL984 Pro Truss Ladder Segment.  ProX Truss has the most trusted staging support systems in the industry, and is built to the highest standards of safety and performance. It's a rugged and heavy duty trussing solution perfect for mobile DJs, bands, outdoor performances, nightclubs, live mobile productions, or permanent installations.

At the heart of the Pro Ladder Truss system is square truss that has one side as a ladder with 2" tubes and utilizes a standard conical connector system, which easily mates with other brands of truss of the same size and connector style, and is available in a variety of lengths to suit your designs. It also works with different types of corners, base plates, connectors and accessories that add stability while expanding on limitless configurations.

Always know your load weight for your equipment: 
VERY IMPORTANT - CLICK HERE for Truss Loading Chart.

  • Tolerance Free Standard Conical Connectors
  • PL Series Main tube wall thickness of 1/8in / 3mm
  • Constructed to the highest safety ratings by certified welders
  • Actual Height:  9.84 ft (3 Meters) Pro Square Truss Ladder Segment
  • Includes connecting hardware set.


ProX Trussing provides high strength with exceptional quality control and excellent pricing.

  • We own the factory, not generic trussing!
  • Built to exacting specifications
  • TUV Certified Trussing
  • Compatable with most Conical Coupled trussing
  • Includes tapered shear pins with clips


  • Height: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Width: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Weight: 21lb per 3.28 ft / 9.5kg per meter
  • Main Tube: 2in / 50mm
  • Premium Tubing - Wall Thickness: 1/8in / 3mm
  • Braces: .75in / 20mm
  • Ladder Steps 2in / 50mm
  • Ladder Step Spacing: 9.84in / 250mm
  • Material: EN-AWT6 6082 Aluminum
  • TUV Certified Aluminium Welding

ProX Truss products utilize industry standard dimensions to be compatible to connect to/with many other manufacturers trussing.


To Fit

Standard & Pro Square Truss Configurations.

Shipping Dimensions
120.00"L x 13.00"D x 13.00"H
Shipping Weight: 60.00 lbs


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