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100 Ft. XLR Stage Recording Extension Box Snake 16 XLR-F Send Inputs 4 XLR-M Effects Return

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ProX XC-SB164XLR100 100 Ft. XLR Stage Recording Extension Box Snake 16 XLR-F Send Inputs 4 XLR-M Effects Return.


ProX XC-SB164XLR100 100 Ft. XLR Stage Recording Extension Box Snake 16 XLR-F Send Inputs 4 XLR-M Effects Return. Introducing the ProX XC-SB164XLR100 Stage Box is an impeccable solution tailored for the discerning audio technician in the realm of small to medium-sized club venues and live performances. This stage box boasts an array of 16 XLR microphone-style cables, carefully configured to accommodate vocal and instrument connections, as well as direct boxes on the stage, all while affording ample distance between the mixing board and the live performance area.

With a generous 100-foot length, this Stage Box Snake presents an assemblage of (16) Channel Female XLR Inputs, complemented by (4) Return Male XLR outputs. These XLR outputs are ideal conduits for effect returns or on-stage monitor mix sends, ensuring optimal versatility for your audio endeavors.

At ProX, we take pride in delivering exceptional sound cable solutions, understanding that these cables are far more than mere conduits—they are the guardians of your sound, unwavering in their commitment to preserving sonic integrity. Our cables stand as a testament to uncompromised signal power, proficient frequency handling, and precise sound reproduction, embodying our unwavering passion for excellence.

The Build
Crafted with a braided OFC copper compact shield, these cables mitigate noise interference, safeguarding the purity of sound transfer. Their streamlined cable diameter minimizes eddy currents, contributing to a seamless audio experience.

Quality Control
Bending and twisting are challenges effortlessly surmounted by our high-performance tour-grade audio cables, designed to endure the rigors of the road while consistently delivering dependable sound reproduction. They outshine every other cable available on the market, a testament to their resilience and enduring quality.

High Performance
Our Complete Coil technology mandates exacting weave tolerances, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and meticulous clarity—an integral facet of our design philosophy that profoundly influences overall performance. Rest assured, with ProX, your audio experience transcends the ordinary, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to elevating sound excellence in the audio technician industry.



  • 100 Ft.  16 Female XLR Inputs, 4 Male XLR outputs
  • 20 AWG x 2 Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Conductors
  • Durable design with Superior Signal Transfer
  • (16) XLR-F Sends / (4) Monitor Effects & Returns
  • Silver Plated Contacts + All Metal Connectors
  • ProX Limited Lifetime Warranty*
  • Ideal for small to medium venues
  • Versatile for Stage monitors and Effects

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 6.70"H x 16.50"W x 16.50"L - Shipping Weight: 22.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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