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10U Top Mount 19" Slanted Mixer Case

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ProX XS-19MIXLT 10U Top Mount 19" Slanted Mixer Case


This 10U 19 inch Slant ATA 300 style rack mount case is perfect for the mobile DJ. If you need protection for your investment, then look no further. The sliding laptop shelf saves table space, and gives the best access to all of your gear. The removable cable access cover allows you to lock the case while keeping your gear connected, and offers a clean look. Premium Series laminated plywood ensures the best protection and peace of mind. Comes with mounting hardware.

Base to Peak
front: 3.5"
back: 5.75"
Slant Size: 10U, 17.5 inch
Laptop Shelf Size: 20 x 12 inch



ATA 300
Spring action recessed handle
Easy locking fit and tongue
Heavy and powerful steel ball corners
Industrial strength rubber feet and latches that can be padlocked.
Dual anchor rivets
Premium Series Laminated plywood
Recessed butterfly twist lock latches
Cable access hole with removable emblem cover.
Sliding Laptop Shelf

To Fit
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Allen & Heath
(1) ZED-12FX
(1) ZED-14

(1) EFX12
(1) Xenyx QX1832USB
(1) Xenyx QX2222USB
(1) EFX8
(1) EPM12
(1) Signature 12 MTK
(1) Xenyx 1204USB
(1) Xenyx 1832FX
(1) Xenyx QX1222USB
(1) Xenyx QX1622USB
(1) Xenyx X1222USB
(1) Xenyx X1622USB
(1) Xenyx X1832USB
(1) Xenyx X2222USB

(1) DL1608
(1) PROFX12V2
(1) 1202VLZ4
(1) 1402VLZ4
(1) 1604VLZ4
(1) 1642VLZ4
(1) PROFX12v3
(1) PROFX16V2

(1) FX16ii

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
9.00"H x 21.50"W x 21.00"L - Weight: 24.50 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 11.00"H x 26.00"W x 23.00"L - Shipping Weight: 26.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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