Universal TV/Monitor Mount for F34 F32 Truss or Speaker Stands

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ProX XT-SSTM3260 Universal TV/Monitor Mount 32" to 80" for 12" Truss or Speaker Stands


The ProX XT-SSTM3260 Universal TV / Monitor mount is a quick and easy way to attach and display any 32” to 80” LED/LCD TV up to 100lbs (NOT PLASMA) on any 12” trussing or 1 3/8" speaker stand or crank stand. With it’s EZ glide and lock dual truss clamps, the XT-SSTM3260 mount allows for easy, quick and stable mounting for your TV or display monitors every time. Decrease your setup time and increase the value of your DJ or promotional display by adding the XT-SSTM3260 Universal TV / Monitor Mount from ProX Direct.


The XT-SSTM3260  is an Exclusive Product from ProX (Design Copyright © 2018)

Low Profile TV/Monitor bracket does not require removal to put the TV in a road case.  

Adjust the angle of the TV quickly when using the pole mount bracket!

The best, most versatile TV mount you will ever own!

Stands and trussing shown for illustration purposes only, not included.


WARNING: Modern Flat-Screen TVs, in spite of their low weight,  can easily tip over when mounted on speaker stands or totems with insufficient sized bases.  Their large size, weight, and sharp corners pose risks of crushing injuries or death if they fall on bystanders, guests, and other attendees at events.


  • Match the stand size to the size of your TV.  It should have a wide, deep and stable base. 
  • Always extend the legs of the stand to their maximum length.
  • When mounting on truss totems, always use a large heavy base.
  • Always use sandbags or heavy weights on the base of trussing, or on the legs of stands for large displays.
  • Keep cords safely tucked away and taped down to prevent a trip hazard or tipping of the TV/Stand
  • Never place your stand or totem on an unstable or unlevel surface!

ProX will not be responsible for any accidents caused by an end user setup and operation of these stands.



Product Includes:

  • TV Bracket System
  • Speaker Pole Mount
  • Dual-Clamp 12" Truss Mounts
  • Safety Cable
  • Durable Fabric Carry Bag

Other Attributes:

  • Low Profile TV Bracket Piece stays on TV
  • Angle Adjustment on Pole Mount
  • Fits ANY VESA Mounting Holes
  • Exclusive Product from ProX (Design Copyright © 2018)

To Fit

Mounting on F34 12" Truss or Standard 1 3/8" Speaker Stands (Both mountings parts included)

Shipping Dimensions
11.00"L x 3.50"D x 12.00"H
Shipping Weight: 14.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


Product Downloads
pdf download
user manual (ProX_TV_Mounting_Manual86.pdf)

Master Box
QTY 4 pcs
12.00"L x 15.00"D x 13.00"H
Shipping Weight: 50.00 lbs

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