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12U Space Shockproof Amp Rack ATA Flight Case 24 in. Depth with Caster Wheels

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ProX T-12RSP24W 12U Space Shockproof Amp Rack ATA Flight Case 24 in. Depth with Caster Wheels


ProX T-12RSP24W 12U Space Shockproof Amp Rack ATA Flight Case 24 in. Depth with Caster Wheels. meticulously crafted Shockproof Vertical Amplifier Rack Case serves as an exemplary storage solution, offering security and convenience for a diverse range of amplifiers, professional DJ mixers, effects units, and standard 19" width rack-mountable pro audio/DJ/Network gear. Engineered with steadfast precision and equipped with dual mounting rails, this case assures unwavering equipment stability, eliminating the risk of displacement or slippage. Furthermore, the design prioritizes minimizing strain on rack ears, thereby enhancing overall durability and longevity.

Impeccably designed, this ATA-300 Style Gig Ready Flight Road Case is further accentuated by the presence of front and rear removable lids. Internally, the case boasts high-density foam support and casing, ensuring meticulous gear care. This professional-grade case is a pinnacle of functionality and durability, fortified by industrial strength twist-lock latches, steel ball corners, dual anchor rivets, and laminated 3/8" 9mm plywood. Our Shockwave cases exceed the confines of being just rack cases; they exemplify the harmonious marriage of innovation and reliability.

Infused with elements of professional-grade design, our shockproof cases showcase external spring-loaded handles and butterfly twist latches. These features are complemented by the option of adding padlocks for heightened security. The harmonious integration of these attributes creates a dependable protective shield for your equipment. Augmented stability is guaranteed by the incorporation of durable hard rubber feet and reinforced walls, meticulously engineered to offer unwavering support throughout tours and when stacking the cases.

*ProX Goes Green: The durable hard rubber foams used in our cases contain 70% recycled content. Of that recycled content, 80% of it comes from recycled plastic bottles and the remaining 20% from recycled post-industrial material. At ProX we strive to make the world a better place. ​​All ProX cases during the manufacturing process use CNC technology to assure all cases are consistently built with strict specifications that are required for the high-quality standards that ProX cases is known for since 1984.


  • 10U Space Vertical Load Shockproof
  • Professional Amp Rack 24" Deep Front to Rear Rail
  • Standard 19" Mounting Rail Width
  • *1 1/2 Inch Foam For a Very Efficient Shock Protection
  • Back and Front Removable Lids
  • Durable and Solid Rack Rails
  • ATA-300 Style Gig Ready Flight Road Case
  • Signature Series Certified Laminated Gig Ready 3/8" 9mm Plywood
  • Dual Anchor Rivets
  • 2 Recessed Spring Action Handles Per Side
  • 4 - 4" Casters, 2 Locking
  • Easy Locking Fit And Tongue
  • Heavy Duty And Powerful Steel Ball Corners
  • Industrial Strength Latches And Rubber Feet
  • Dual Anchor Rivets
  • 2.5" Front/Rear Door Depth
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • ProX Limited Lifetime Warranty

Interior Dimensions
(1): 21.00"H x 19.00"W x 24.00"L

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
WITH CASTERS: 31.00"H x 23.00"W x 31.00"L - Weight: 95.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 27.50"H x 25.00"W x 32.00"L - Shipping Weight: 100.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: LTL


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