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40 inch Truss Mounting Pole Extension Pole for Mounting Stage Lighting and more

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XT-DC40 40 inch Truss Mounting Pole Extension Pole for Mounting Stage Lighting and more


ProX XT-DC40 40-inch Truss Mounting Pole Extension for Mounting Stage Lighting and more. Presenting the ProX XT-DC40 — a revolutionary solution that provides an instantaneous and substantial extension to your mounting possibilities, specifically tailored for numerous heavy-duty DJ or stage lighting fixtures. With a generous span of 40 inches, this innovative apparatus empowers you to seamlessly affix it on two sides of your F34/F32 trussing in a singular stroke. Crafted meticulously from premium-grade aluminum, the XT-DC40 strikes an exquisite equilibrium between feathery-light composition and unwavering robustness. Its inherent versatility seamlessly harmonizes with its exceptional strength.

Meticulously engineered to accommodate any standard 2” disc jockey or stage trussing, the XT-DC40 unfurls a capacious and expansive display realm, awaiting the installation of a myriad of mountable fixtures. This ingenious augmentation transforms your trussing into a sprawling canvas, primed to showcase an array of lighting elements or embellishments. The fusion of durability, practicality, and adaptability renders the XT-DC40 an indispensable asset in the toolkit of discerning DJs, stage managers, and event professionals.

Dive into a realm where innovation knows no bounds — the ProX XT-DC40 stands as a testament to ingenuity, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of elevating your lighting arrangement to unprecedented heights. It's not just an accessory; it's an embodiment of limitless creativity.


  • Single 40-inch Mounting pole with Dual welded clamps
  • Expands trussing space for heavy-duty lighting fixtures
  • 40" length for dual mounting on F34/F32 trussing
  • Fits standard 2-inch F34 Truss Segments
  • Creates spacious display area for various fixtures

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
2.00"H x 2.00"W x 40.00"L - Weight: 4.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 3.00"H x 6.00"W x 41.00"L - Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs


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