8.20ft (2.50m) Square Truss Segment

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XT-SQ820 8.20ft (2.50m) Square Truss Segment

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ProX XT-SQ820 8.20ft (2.50m) Square Truss Segment


ProX Truss has the most trusted staging support systems in the industry and is built to the highest standards of safety and performance. It's a rugged yet lightweight trussing solution perfect for mobile DJs, bands, outdoor performances, nightclubs, live mobile productions, or permanent installations.

At the heart of the system is square truss that utilizes a standard conical connector system, which easily mates with other brands of truss of the same size and connector style, and is available in a variety of lengths to suit your designs. It also works with different types of corners, base plates, connectors and accessories that add stability while expanding on limitless configurations.

  • Tolerance Free Standard Conical connector
  • Main tube wall thickness of .080 in / 2mm


  • Height: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Width: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Weight: 21lb per 3.28 ft / 9,5kg per meter
  • Main Tube: 2in / 50mm
  • Wall Thickness: .08in / 2mm
  • Braces: .75in / 20mm

Actual Length:  8.2 ft (2.5 Meter) Square Truss Segment
Segment Weight: 36 lbs.
Outside: 290mm - 11 7/16"
Tubing: 2"
Bracing: 3/4"
Includes connecting hardware set.

  • Manufactured in our Own Factory!
  • Material: EN-AWT6 6082 Aluminum
  • TUV Certified Aluminium Welding

TUV Is a 3rd Party Certification Body and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).  TUV provides inspections, testing, certification & training, with the ultimate objectives of reliability, safety & high quality.

ProX Truss products utilize industry standard dimensions to be compatible to connect to/with many other manufacturers trussing.

To Fit

Standard F34 Square Truss Configurations.

12.00"L x 12.00"W x 98.40"H
Weight: 36.00 lbs


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