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8U Top Mount Slanted Flight Case for 19 inch Mixers

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ProX XS-19MIX8U 8U Top Mount Slanted Flight Case for 19 inch Mixers


ProX XS-19MIX8U 8U Top Mount Slanted Flight Case for 19 inch Mixers. Introducing the Pro X Cases Signature Series XS-19MIX8U: an exceptional 8U rack-mountable 19" slant mixer flight case designed with the mobile DJ in mind. Crafted to perfection, this top-tier product from ProX Cases guarantees the utmost safeguarding for your valuable equipment investment. The detachable cable access cover not only enables secure locking of the case for protection but also facilitates seamless connectivity of your gear. Included in this package are the essential mounting hardware components.

The XS-19MIX8U Flight case is a prime example of the remarkable offerings within the ProX Case lineup's signature series. Employing premium 3/8-inch plywood, this case delivers superior protective qualities. Its elegant black-coated finish not only enhances aesthetics but also adds durability to ensure a reliable and enduring product that will accompany you throughout a lifetime.


  • Spring-action handle
  • Easy lock & tongue
  • Heavy steel ball corners
  • Industrial rubber feet
  • Padlockable latches
  • Dual anchor rivets
  • 3/8" AA plywood
  • Black coated finish
  • Recessed twist latches
  • Emblem-covered cable hole

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
22.00"H x 17.00"W x 10.00"L - Weight: 25.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 23.00"H x 18.00"W x 11.00"L - Shipping Weight: 27.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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