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BLACK B3 Quick Folding DJ Controller Turntable CD-J Facade Table Workstation by Humpter

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ProX XFH-HUMPTERB3BL BLACK B3 Workstation Quick Folding DJ Controller Turntable CD-J Facade Table by Humpter


ProX XFH-HUMPTERB3BL BLACK B3 Workstation Quick Folding DJ Controller Turntable CDJ Facade Table by Humpter – ProX is an exclusive distributor of Humpter products in the USA. The B3™ Workstation Folding Mobile DJ Table, Façade, and Workstation are portable, quick, and easy to assemble. Includes: A Cup Holder, Headphone Holder, TV Mounting Bracket, Laptop Stand, and Carrying Bag. 

The B3 takes minutes to set up and can be assembled in three easy steps.  It has a unique hinge system hidden from the table. This versatile DJ Workstation is ideal when you have multiple DJ setups that range from small to large DJ Controllers, 12-inch Turntables, Mixers, and CDJ Players.

The assembly and design behind the B3 are elegant, smart, and LEGENDARY. The B3 has plenty of top surface space and has everything you could possibly ask for in a DJ table. It has a left or right-mountable adjustable Laptop Stand, a cupholder, and a headphone hanger mounted at the edge of each side of the table. There’s also a shelf located under the table. Best of all, it folds neatly into the included compact carrying bag.

The B3 Workstation is made in Poland by Humpter and is probably the best premium mobile DJ table made to date with the consideration of comfort and high functionality usage in mind it allows you to quickly expand your life experience with your style of DJ setup. Its unique look and modern versatility meet all the needs of mobile DJs. After years of experience and feedback from Humpter product users, there has been many improvements and innovation within the company to make the best mobile DJ table available on the market to date.


Material: Steel
Dimensions: 51" x 24"
Height: 36.6"
Max Load: 154 lbs
Cable Through Holes: Yes

Material: Aluminum / Steel
Colour: Black
Size:  51" x 36,6" x 26,8" (W x H x D): 130 x 93 x 68 cm /
Assembly time: less than a minute


Material: Steel
Dimensions: 51" x 24" (130 x 61 cm)
Height: 93 cm / 36,6"
Max load: 70 kg / 154 lbs
Wiring holes: Yes

Includes: Humpter® B3, Cup Holder, Headphones Holder, 1x Laptop Stand, Carrying Bags, TV Bracket, Lower Middle Shelf

Additional options (Sold separately):

  • Laptop Stand
  • Middle Stand
  • Tablet Stand
  • Under Counter Shelf
  • Player Stand
  • Side Shelves
  • Padded Bags


  • Universal fit for DJ Controllers, CDJ, Mixers, and Turntables
  • Includes TV Mounting Bracket (Supports up to 55" TV)
  • Includes 1x L/R Mountable Laptop Shelf
  • Holds cups and headphones
  • Folds fold into an included carrying bag
  • Includes Lower Shelf and Bag
  • Black Finish

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 10.00"H x 58.00"W x 39.00"L - Shipping Weight: 100.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: LTL
40x48x63 158


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user manual (Humpter_B3_-_eng.pdf)

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