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Carry Bag fits XT-WAVE656 4-Pack of Wave Pipes

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ProX XB-WAVEBAG Carry Bag fits XT-WAVE656 4-Pack of Wave Pipes


The ProX XT-WAVE-BAG Wave Pipe Bag is a great way to store and transport your XT-WAVE656  6.56 ft. wave pipe package.  The Wave Bag also protects the polished aluminum finish on all wave tubes.  Transport your wave pipes in a professional manner while protecting its finish and keeping the trussing clean while moving or storing.

ProX offers an outstanding array of rugged cases and bags so that you can protect every item of your performance equipment. There is no better way to protect your valuable gear than by using one of ProX's gig bags or hard cases.  When it comes to your gear, you can rest assured that you can trust ProX for the ultimate in protection.


Manufactured from durable nylon with the unique ProX Honeycomb design that was inspired by the design of New York City Street Manhole covers which are made to handle rough and tough everyday punishment. 

The straps are strong and durable and positioned to carry the load evenly.   The interior of the units is padded to provide additional protection for what you are carrying to your events.   The strong and durable double-ended red zipper compliments the design of the bag.   

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
8.00"H x 8.00"W x 80.00"L - Weight: 3.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: IN BOX 5.00"H x 24.00"W x 12.00"L - Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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