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Crank System Adjustable Speaker-Subwoofer Pole 1-3/8" diameter - from 34"-52"

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ProX T-SAA-C Crank System Adjustable Speaker-Subwoofer Pole 1-3/8" diameter - from 34"-52"


ProX T-SAA-C Crank-up Subwoofer Pole saves you time and muscle fatigue setting up your top boxes. Designed with the new breed of subwoofers equipped with Pole cup attachments, the ProX T-SAA-C Crank-up Subwoofer Pole attaches firmly and securely for worry-free speaker mounting. A folding hand crank attached to a high-quality rack and pinion system lets you extend the LT-SAA-C Crank-up Subwoofer Pole from 34" all the way up to 52".

Tired of short poles that don't get your tops high enough? Don't like lifting your heavy tops up onto long poles? The ProX T-SAA-C Crank-up Extension Pole is the right answer for you. Put it in your sub, mount your speaker or lightweight truss, and crank it up!  You couldn't ask for a more secure mount than the T-SAA-C Crank-up Subwoofer Pole that is easily adjustable and gives you the precise height you desire everytime!




  • Handy folding crank makes extending your speaker pole quick and easy
  • A convenient crank-up subwoofer attachment shaft that lets you
  • Inner shaft sized for standard 1-3/8" pole mount inserts
  • Equipped with friction safety knob and stabilizer ring for added security
  • Minimum Height Adjustment is 34"
  • Maximum Height Adjustment is 52"
  • Top Diameter: 1-3/8" (1.375")
  • Center Diameter: 1-5/8" (1.625")
  • Max weight capacity 80 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
FULL: 3.00"H x 5.00"W x 37.00"L - Weight: 5.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 3.00"H x 6.00"W x 36.00"L - Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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