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PANGOLIN BEYOND Upgrade for QuickShow FB3 Control Software with ILDA Interface

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ProX PANGOLIN BEYOND Upgrade for QuickShow FB3 Control Software with ILDA Interface


***This product is meant to upgrade your current BEYOND license***

(Hardware or Account based) to a higher level, which means you must
already own a BEYOND license before purchasing an upgrade.

A true multimedia timeline
The BEYOND Multimedia Timeline allows you to combine laser, video, audio, DMX lighting and more, all in one easy to use and convenient place. Because of this, BEYOND is widely used throughout the lighting industry, as the main control systems for complete multimedia show performances (combining lasers, video, lighting, audio, pyro and more).

Advanced LIVE control
BEYOND has the world’s most advanced live laser show engine, with incredible support for MIDI, DMX and ArtNet devices. Using BEYOND’s powerful scripting tools, you can actually design your own custom profiles and maps for those devices as you see fit. Or if you need an easy button, just use one of our stock maps or profiles.

Incredible effect engine
Color chases, cross fades, edge blending and more. Advanced effects like these can easily be programmed and controlled
using BEYOND’s powerful effect editors.


  • Upgrade ONLY (Quickshow FB3 Required)
  • Laser control for lighting designers
  • Control from any Console
  • High-end design tools
  • DMX/Artnet Server

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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