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Panel Mount XLR-3 PIN Male Connector | Black

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ProX XC-XLRM-PANEL Panel Mount XLR-3 PIN Male | Black


ProX XC-XLRM-PANEL is a female XLR Mount Panel connector for panel mount from ProX is designed specifically for the kinds of wall panels often utilized in mobile gear and on stage. It features a zinc diecast chassis and a steel-element latch-locking device. This adapter offers a 3-pin XLR Female on the panel side and a 3-pin XLR Male on the back side. It has dual screw mounting holes – can be mounted virtually anywhere! that can be mounted to a precut hole surface this connector deliver a clear signal and superior and is great for using with Rack Panels, DJ Cases, Studio Workstations and office furniture. Connector Diameter fits 15/16 (9375" in.)

This product  does not come with any other connectors or cables. Any third party products show are for illustration purposes only. 


  • Fits Pre-drilled Rack Panels
  • Dual Screw mounts
  • Can be mounted Anywhere
  • Black Finish

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