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ProX Set of (3) Universal Lighting Truss System with 5Ft 10Ft 15Ft Triangle Segment Sections

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ProX T-LS35CTRUSS ProX Set of (3) Universal Lighting Truss System with 5Ft 10Ft 15Ft Triangle Segment Sections


ProX T-LS35CTRUSS Set of (3) Universal Lighting Truss System with 5Ft 10Ft 15Ft Triangle Segment Sections. The ProX T-LS35C-TRUSS is your ultimate solution for all your lighting and equipment setup needs. This set includes three 5-foot Universal Lighting Stand Systems, each with three 5, 10, and 15-foot Triangle Truss Sections. Whether you're a DJ or in the party rental business, this is the gear you've been waiting for.

The T-LS35C-TRUSS features three Triangle Truss sections (Bolt-on) designed for medium-duty applications, creating a remarkable 15-foot span. You can securely mount up to 200 lbs evenly distributed across the maximum length. The truss tubes boast a 35mm (1-3/8 inch) diameter, and the truss sections measure 6 inches in overall width. Depending on your specific requirements, you can achieve a span ranging from 57 inches (approximately 5 feet) up to 171 inches (approximately 14.25 feet). Please note that stands and the crank system are not included.

Basic Usage
Ensure your stands are positioned on a stable, flat surface, in a suitable location, on solid ground, and free of overhead obstacles. Stabilize the legs before raising the tower or adding any loads. When setting up outdoors, secure the tower with braces or cables to guard against wind. Exercise caution when loading this or any ProX truss system, ensuring even distribution of your fixtures or equipment for safety. Always use a safety cable or chain on all mounted fixtures.

Safety Notes: 

  1. Loading on trusses and stands must adhere to rated weights.
  2. Lock all safety mechanisms (safety pins, knobs).
  3. Loads must be centered and balanced on each lifting unit.
  4. Safety chains must be installed on each item attached to the unit.
  5. Maintain a safety perimeter with a radius 5-feet greater than the
    maximum height of the stands during lifting and lowering of loads.
  6. When transporting, close all sections and lock the lifting carriage.
  7. Never attempt to move the stand when it is loaded or in an extended position.

Safety Instructions: To prevent issues, it's essential to have a competent person inspect all rigging hardware, stands, and equipment before each use, and conduct regular major inspections for signs of wear, abuse, and general adequacy. Perform any manufacturer-recommended preventive maintenance on schedule. Always heed all warnings and usage instructions.

With the ProX T-LS35C-TRUSS, you're ready to take your DJ setup or party rental service to the next level. Safety, stability, and performance – this gear has it all. Don't wait; equip yourself with the best in the business!


  • Three 5-foot Universal Lighting Stand Systems
  • Included 3x Triangle makes 5/10/15 Ft Triangle  Sections
  • Medium-duty truss system with a 15-foot span
  • Supports up to 200 lbs evenly distributed
  • 35mm diameter truss tubes and 6-inch wide truss sections
  • Adjustable span from 5 to 14.25 feet
  • Stands and crank system not included
  • Stable and secure setup for DJs and party rentals
  • Safety guidelines for positioning and securing
  • Safety instructions for regular inspections and maintenance

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Weight: 33.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 1: 3x Truss Sections 9.00"H x 20.00"W x 57.00"L - Shipping Weight: 33.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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