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RGB Strip Lights Multiple Run Amplifier

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ProX X-SRGBAMP RGB Strip Lights Multiple Run Amplifier


This amplifier can carry the signal of one controller through multiple runs of SMD 505 RGB LED strip lights.  This allows multiple runs of strip lights to be controlled by a single controller.

12VDC 4A Required power
Output: 144W

Static power consumption:

  • Uses a separate switching power supply for the amplifier
  • The lead wire should be connected correctly according to the connecting diagram
  • Do Not Overload!
  • Warranty is three years but excludes damage or overloads



  • Supply voltage:  12 VDC 
  • Input/0utput: 3 channels
  • External dimension: L105 x W65 x H23 mm
  • Packing size: L117 x W71 x H36 mm
  • Net weight: 110g
  • Gross weight: 140g


Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel

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