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Replacement for RANE ONE Top Face Plate for Control Tower DJ Podium Black Finish

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ProX XZF-DJ RANEONE BL PLATE Fits RANE ONE Control Tower DJ Booth Interchangeable Top Plate Black Finish


ProX XZF-DJ RANEONEBLPLATE Replacement For RANE ONE Control Tower DJ Booth Interchangeable Top Plate Black Finish. These interchangeable top plates are compatible with the Control Tower™ DJ Podium, offering versatility and convenience to enhance your DJ setup. Each replacement top plates are specifically tailored to fit your DJ Controller flawlessly.

Each plate is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art CNC machines, ensuring an impeccable fit without any undesired shifting or displacement. Each plate is then finished with Warnex textured wood paint to match the Control Tower.

The edges of the plate are thoughtfully rounded and polished, while the panels of the controller and rear access panels are precisely cut to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for your hands and fingers.

This package ships in (2) Separate Boxes

Box 1: Wood Cut Face Plate
Box 2: Foam Padding Support


  • Replacement Plate for Control Tower™ DJ Podium
  • Custom CNC Machine Cut European Plywood
  • Includes Foam Supports (Separate Box)
  • Matching Warnex Textured Paint

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