Single 32" Truss Pipe (50mm) 2" W/Clamp & Hinge on Each End

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XT-DCS32 Single 32" Truss Pipe (50mm) 2" W/Clamp & Hinge on Each End

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ProX XT-DCS32 Single 32" Truss Pipe (50mm) 2" W/Clamp & Hinge on Each End


ProX XT-DCS32 Single 32" (81.28cm) Truss Pipe (50mm) 2"  W/Clamp & Hinge on Each End  Use for diagonal bracing, lighting and utility mounting, or just to create a decorative design.

ProX Truss specializes in high-quality, general-purpose aluminum lighting and stage trussing designed for live stages, theaters, nightclubs, church installations, mobile applications, trade shows, and retail applications. Our XT Series products are built using 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy compositions. This lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum has a very high tensile strength, giving you the support and stability you need. The ProX Truss Conical Coupling System allows for genderless trusses, providing a more precise line up of chords and fastening points, while the conical shape of the couplers helps to maintain overall rigidity at the stress points and makes parts harder to damage. This system also makes assembly quick and easy with very few tools needed to complete set up. 

  • Manufactured in our Own Factory!
  • Material: EN-AWT6 6082 Aluminum
  • TUV Certified Aluminium Welding
  • 32" (81.28cm) Overall Length
  • 2" (50mm) Outer Diameter Tubing
  • Heavy Duty 2" (50mm) Clamp on Each End
  • 0.08" (2mm) Wall Thickness

To Fit

Any 2" Diameter Trussing Tubes

39.50"L x 3.00"W x 2.00"H
Weight: 5.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
40.00"L x 3.00"D x 2.25"H
Shipping Weight: 5.25 lbs


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