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Single 57 In. Triangle Steel Truss Section For T-LS35C

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ProX T-LST57T Single 57 In. Triangle Steel Truss Section For T-LS35C


The Prox T-LST57T Single 57" Triangle Steel Truss that work with the  T-LS35C  or T-LS45C Lighting System Triangle Truss with Crank-Up System.  This can be used as a replacement piece for the T-LS45C or T-LS35C systems or added to the T-LS35C to convert it to a T-LS45C system.  These medium-duty truss lighting stand packages include two high-quality crank-up stands and 3 or 4 of these triangle steel truss sections.  This is a single piece of that offered as a pack of three T-LS35CT

Includes one set of attachment bolts. 


To avoid problems a competent person should inspect all rigging hardware, stands and equipment before each use and periodically do a major inspection for signs of wear, abuse, and general adequacy, as well as perform any manufacturer recommended preventive maintenance on schedule.  Observe all warnings and usage instructions.

Exercise caution when loading this or any ProX truss system.  Be sure to evenly distribute your fixtures or equipment for safety. 

Always use a safety cable or chain on all mounted fixtures.

To Fit

ProX Triangle Truss Crank Up Systems T-LS35C

Shipping Dimensions
58.00"L x 11.00"D x 11.00"H
Shipping Weight: 14.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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