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StageQ 3-Stage units - 8' x 12' Package Height Adjustable from 28-48" in.

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ProX XSQ-12X8 PKG-48 StageQ 3-Stage units - 8' x 12' Package Height Adjustable from 28-48" in.


ProX XSQ-12X8 PKG-48 StageQ 3-Stage units - 8' x 12' Package Height Adjustable from 28-48" in. This ProX StageQ Package includes three 4' x 8' Stage Units. This convenient package comes with everything you need to get the show going. It's meant for long-or short-term installation.

This ProX StageQ Stage package is a convenient and portable staging solution that is built for long-lasting use and durability. These Stages are designed to minimize setup times and give you the ability to transport and set up in minutes.  Each unit comes with six height-adjustable Telescoping legs that raise the stage's height from 28-inch to 48-inch with totally stabilized functionality.

Package includes
(3) XSQ-4X8 MK3 StageQ Stage Deck Unit(s)
(0) XSQ-2848X6 StageQ 28-48" Telescoping Legs
(0) XSQ-CL11 StageQ Stage Security Clamps
(0) XSQ-C05 Lower Deck Security Clamp
(0) XSQ-MX2 Leg Clamps
(0) XSQ-MX4 Leg Clamps

Each stage has our Signature Honeycomb Digital top laminate which has a rugged hexagonal pattern that creates foot grip and traction. They are meant for outdoor and indoor applications. The included telescoping legs adjust from 28-48" which is set by a locking pin. Each leg has a ball joint above the rubber feet that can be adjusted in height to adjust to precision for the ground level.

Steps, Guard Rails, Leg Clamps, and any additional products shown are not included and are sold separately.

Stage Packages are also available
XSQ-12X8 PKG-48     3-Stage | 8' Ft. x 12' Ft.
XSQ-12X16 PKG-48   6-Stage | 8' Ft. x 16' Ft.
XSQ-12X24 PKG-48   9-Stage | 8' Ft. x 16' Ft.
XSQ-16X24 PKG-48 12-Stage | 8' Ft. x 16' Ft.

Packages with Z-Frame Systems
XSQ-12X16 PKG-48 Z    6-Stage | Z-Frame 12' Ft. x 16' Ft.
XSQ-12X24 PKG-48 Z    9-Stage | Z-Frame 12' Ft. x 24' Ft.
XSQ-16X24 PKG-48 Z 12-Stage | Z-Frame 16' Ft. x 24' Ft.

- 47.25" x 94.5" Modular Section
- 7/8" (22 mm) Plywood (Zero Voids)
- Supports 1100 lbs. per 4' x 4'


  • Made from 7/8" thick plywood
  • Slip-Resistant Laminated Surface
  • Proprietary Aluminum Side Rails for Accessories
  • Takes a minimum of two people to carry
  • Adjustable Leg Height 28" to 48" in.
  • Locking system provides a monolithic floor (when locked together)
  • Ball joint socket for leveling with uneven ground
  • ProX 1-Year Limited Warranty

Package Contents

  • XSQ-4X8-MK3 (3)   ProX SKU HERE StageQ 4' x 8' Single Stage Unit Includes 28 to 48" in. Height Adjustable legs and Ground Leveling Feet
  • XSQ-MX2 (6)   

To Fit

ProX StageQ™ Stage Decks and Accessories

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