TORNADO RGBA LED Professional Stage Fog Effect Machine

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ProX X-TORNADO LED TORNADO RGBA LED Professional Stage Fog Effect Machine


The ProX Tornado is a high velocity vertical/horizontal/inverted Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog up to 63 watts of lighting from 21x 3-Watt LEDs (5x Red, 6x Green, 5x Blue, 5x Amber). The ProX Tornado produces a dry even blast of fog over 40 feet (12 meters) in the air or down from the rigging and even to the side. It has a special heating element design that uses an internal system to prevent clogging. It is also equipped with a high-performance pump system for optimum output. The ProX Tornado proprietary technology is on-board to maintain optimum heat levels with shorter warm-up times between fog blasts after an initial 6-minute warm-up. 

TheProX Tornado may be used in three positions either UP, DOWN on ON THE SIDE The reservoir tank may be mounted in multiple positions to suit your personal needs. Control options include DMX In/Out connections,  DMX on-board, plus the ProX Tornado wireless remote comes included in the box.

3-Way Fog Jet Operation 

  • Floor Horizontal
  • Floor Vertical
  • Overhead Downward

# Way Fog Operation







  • VOLTAGE:                             AC120V 60Hz
  • POWER:                               1500W/120V
  • WARM UP TIME:                  6 minutes
  • FOG OUTPUT:                     45,000Cu ft/min
  • SPRAY HEIGHT:                   7 M - 23FT
  • DMX CHANNEL:                   7CH
  • LED SPECIFICATION:           21 pcs 3W LEDs (R-5 G-6 B-5 A-5)
  • WIRELESS CONTROLLER:    8 Key RF, Support W-8
  • TIMER: Support                   X-TornadoTimer (Optional)
  • FLUID TYPE:                        Water Base (Premium)
  • TANK CAPACITY:                  2.5L - 2.65qt
  • DIMENSIONS:                      390 x 350 x 190mm  15.4” x 13.75” x 7.5”


  • High output professional fog machine
  • Electronic Thermo Sensing Heater (ETS)
  • PCB board control temperature
  • 63 watts 21x3 high power RGBA LEDs
  • 5x Red, 6x Green, 5x Blue, 5x Amber
  • Includes 8 key RF wireless remote
  • Advanced heater system
  • 1,500w 120V Power, 45,000 Cu.Ft/Min 
  • Very fine smoke particle size
  • Variable smoke output
  • 23FT / 7M Spray Height
  • 6-minute quick heat up
  • 7 Channel DMX Control
  • 2.5L  Tank Capacity
  • Water-based Liquid Juice

15.40"L x 13.75"W x 7.50"H
Weight: 17.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
19.50"L x 10.50"D x 16.50"H
Shipping Weight: 21.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


Product Downloads
pdf download
user manual (Tornado_Fog_Machine_Manual_Ver2.pdf)

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