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Telescopic C-Shape Support for Small Line Array Speakers Max Load Incl XT-CRANK14FT220 crank stand

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ProX XT-LA567-14FT220 Telescopic C-Shape Support for Small Line Array Speakers Max Load Incl XT-CRANK14FT220 crank stand


The XT-LA567-14FT220 is a Telescopic C-Shape Support for Small Line Array Systems for mounting on a tripod crank stand,  speaker stand or pole for mounting on a subwoofer. The bracket is designed to safely withstand a load not exceeding 150 lbs.  It is designed to provide mounting flexibility of line array speakers in an easy to set up an indoor or outdoor audio rig. The  XT-LA567 is usable on any crank stand or tripod speaker stand or pole (Universal Fit).   Manufactured with heavy-duty steel and black powder coated for long life.   With safety and style in mind, the XT-LA567 speaker mount lets you streamline your audio system for a clean professional look.   The stand is equipped with two locking wing studs to lock to the pole and has multiple adjustments for total height/spread depending on your speaker sizes and your individual needs.  

This package comes with heavy duty Crank Stand XT-CRANK14FT220

Caution:  Always ensure that the stand being used is leveled and positioned on a hard stable surface, in a suitable location, on firm ground/surface and clear of overhead obstacles.  Always Stabilize the legs before lifting the speakers into position.  When outdoors, secure the tower with braces or cables, in case of wind.


  • Manufactured with Heavy Duty Steel
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Fits Most Stands - Universal
  • ProX Exclusive Product - Design Copyright© 2019 ProX Live Performance Gear®
  • Min. Height 39.00"(H)
  • Max. Height 61.00"(H)
  • Crank stand adjust to 14ft Max weight load 220lbs

Package Contents

  • XT-CRANK14FT-220 (1)   14 Ft Heavy-duty Lighting Crank Stand for Lifting Truss 220 lbs Capacity Incl 5ft T-Bar
  • XT-LA567 (1)   Telescopic C-Shape Support for Small Line Array Speakers Max Load 150 lbs

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
XT-LA567 (1): 2.50"H x 22.50"W x 42.00"L - Weight: 22.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Box 1 of 2: XT-LA567 3.50"H x 23.50"W x 43.00"L - Shipping Weight: 25.00 lbs
Box 2 of 2: XT-CRANK14FT-220 9.00"H x 11.00"W x 69.00"L - Shipping Weight: 63.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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