Top Truss Plate XT-BP12A W-Speaker Stud XT-SPST Package

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ProX XT-BP12ASPST Top Truss Plate XT-BP12A W/Speaker Stud XT-SPST Package


The ProX XT-BP12ASPST F34 12" X 12" Aluminum Top Plate for Totems W/Twist Locks is the perfect addition to your show totems and for truss construction when you need to mount lights or other equipment at the top or end of a run of a truss.  The ProX XT-BP12A is an Exclusive Product from ProX (Design Copyright © 2018) and will make your setup and teardowns much easier and safer. 

The plate comes with slots near the edges and a center hole and an offset hole for mounting to fit virtually any speaker, light or device that you want to mount, it also has a handy finger hold for easy carrying.   It comes with all the necessary hardware to mount to the trussing.  Speaker Spud IS included and is also available separately as XT-SPST   

Note: this is not a structural component, it is made with 8mm (5/16") AWT6 6082 Aluminum Plate.  Not intended for replacement or substitute for any load-bearing truss segments.

ProX Truss is one of the most trusted staging support systems in the industry and is built to the highest standards of safety and performance. It's a rugged and durable trussing solution perfect for live outdoor productions, nightclubs, and permanent installations.  ProX XT Series Truss compares favorably to the other major trussing manufacturers. We manufacture with EN-AWT6 6082 Aluminum for safety and strength.  Our XT series F34 square truss utilizes a standard conical connector system, which easily mates with other brands of the truss of the same size and connector type, and is available in a variety of lengths to suit your designs --  while our outstanding quality control and manufacturing techniques assure excellent fitment at every connection. ProX offers a wide variety of corners, base plates, connectors and accessories that add stability while expanding on limitless design configurations.

Includes connecting hardware set.


  • Includes XT-SPST Speaker Stud
  • Manufactured to Exacting Specifications in our Own Factory!
  • Not intended for replacement or substitute for any load-bearing truss segments.
  • 8mm (5/16") AWT6 6082 Aluminum Plate
  • Includes Truss Connecting Hardware
  • Exclusive Product from ProX (Design Copyright © 2018)

To Fit

F34 Trussing for Mounting of Speakers with included stud, Moving Heads and other equipment to totems or top/ends, Fits most manufacturers F34 using conical connectors.  Not intended for replacement or substitute for any load-bearing truss segments.

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