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Universal Microphone Clip mounts to most mic stand brands

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ProX X-CLIP Universal Microphone Clip mounts to most mic stand brands


The ProX X-CLIP Microphone holding clip mounts your microphone securely to any microphone stand while allowing you to make adjustments to your vocal position. Compatible with most brand live vocal microphones and 3/8" barrel microphones. The X-CLIP is strong enough to take normal wear and tear to total abuse and will allow you to perform every time. The high-grade materials include a swivel adjustable mount that can be tightly adjusted to stay firmly in one position in places like a recording studio where you need mic position consistency most.  It can also be loosened to make it easier for situations like Karaoke where sharing the mic with two or more singers.



  • Mounts to most brand Mic Stands
  • Compatible with most barrel-style microphones
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Can be tightened or loosened
  • Totally reliable in all situations

To Fit

Shure® SM58, SM57, Beta 58A, 57A, 87A, 87C, and similar style mics.
*SHURE is a trademark of Shure Inc. This product is an independent design and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Shure Inc.*

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