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XT-CLWRENCH Multi-Function Monkey Wrench in Red

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ProX XT-CLWRENCH Multi-Function Tool for lighting, rigging and utility tool


The ProX XT-CLWRENCH is cut from 6mm red anodized aluminum, the ProX Multi-Tool offers exceptional durability and versatility.  The tool is 6" long and easily fits in a pocket or can be hung by a lanyard through the 6mm eyelet. 

Designed around some of the most common needs in the Stage, Production, DJ & Lighting industry, make this one of the most cost-effective multi-tools available.



Usages Include:

  • M8, M10, M12 (1/2", 3/4") Nut Tools
  • 6mm Eyelet
  • Wingnut Tool
  • Barndoor Tool/Bottle Opener

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


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