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FAQ: "What's the difference between your Xstatic Laser Lighting Effects, and UNO Laser products?"

If your in the market for Professional, or even "Pro-sumer" level laser displays, ProX Live Performance Gear makes all levels of laser products, we've got you covered! 

UNO Laser, our newest line of high-powered Professional grade Class 3B and Class 4 display lasers, stands out in an industry of limited manufacturers, and power options. These fixtures all fall under the requirement of having a Show Variance (official public permit) in order to be allowed to operate them at public events.  (see variance details here.)

The Xstatic Pro Lighting line of low-power Laser Lighting Effects is put together specifically with the mobile and small-club DJs and entertainers in mind, and gives you creative lighting options without all the complications, or advanced features of large scale lasers.  No permits or variances required!