Decent Training consists of showing UNO Laser Owners how to fill out the necessary safety check lists, & how to perform those functions properly, and knowing when to submit required reports and legal documentation.  

Yes, there is a required Annual Report you must submit, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This is an overview of what needs to be considered required knowledge prior to obtaining your Laser Show Variance. The actual lessons we will be providing are more detailed.


You must know you are Legally and Federally responsible for knowing how to complete the required FDA Checklists for shows, and having all documentation to support your position as a Laser Variance holder. These Checklists for each show are:


  • Details of Show, Venue, Contacts and Operators


  • Hazard Safety, Signage, Labeling
  • Mounts, and Secured Beam Blockers
  • Fixture Emission Indicators visible
  • Power Levels appropriate for venue
  • Keyswitch / Estop in place


  • No audience access near 3m to beams or target surfaces
  • Line of site control of fixture


  • Effects to be used
  • Power levels


  • Contacts Maintained
  • Agencies Notified
  • CDRH Inspection Ready, all On-hand Documentation ready



These are the Official FDA forms & Reports required by CDRH and FDA. Variance Application only once, while Annual report is,  sent annually:

  • Show Variance Application (FDA Form 3147) expires every two years. Submitting annual report auto-renews it,
    must be with a Show Report (FDA doc 3840 3/14) tell them what you are going to do with the laser fixture. Show Reports are usually submitted post-event.
  • Show Notification (FDA doc 3840 3/14), submitted prior to your events.
  • Outdoor needs FAA Advisory Circular Report (doc AC 70-1), prior to event, to obtain a LOD (letter of determination) or "Non-Objection" Letter from FAA.
  • Annual Report (FDA Guide 3636 3/14), spanning July 1st through June 31st, due September 1st.  Failure could result in losing your Variance.