ProX Gig-Ready™ Cases are meticulously designed to provide superior protection and functionality for your valuable equipment, ensuring you're well-prepared for any gig or event. With quality construction and tailored features, our DJ cases and other offerings feature sturdy AAA quality 3/8" or 1/2" plywood, meeting the demands of professional touring companies. Embodying the essence of "Gig-Ready," our cases offer a sleek appearance, functional utility, and customizable options to suit your personal needs and event requirements. When you see the Gig Ready Case™ designation, you can trust that we've done everything to make your gig moments seamless and hassle-free.

Professional entertainers and production companies have embraced the "Gig-Ready" concept, representing a complete state of readiness with the right attitude, talent, equipment, transportation, staff, and experience to handle performances flawlessly. At ProX, we empower you with confidence through our motto, "It’s not about having one reason to succeed; it’s about having no reason why you would fail." Our commitment lies in providing top-notch Gig Ready Cases™ that exceed industry standards, enabling you to approach every gig with absolute assurance and readiness.