Terms Of Use

Prospective dealers must first submit a dealership application, a valid state resale certificate number,  and obtain approval from ProX before any purchases can be made.  Click HERE for a dealer application!

Collection of local taxes are the responsibility of the dealer/account holder.

All Approved Dealers are expected to uphold and promote the ProX Brand in the proper, high caliber representation to which we cater to and design products for.  Our clientel expects a certain standard, and we guarentee that level of excellence, and we expect our dealers to do so as well.

MAP Policy

The purpose of this MAP Policy is to build and maintain integrity for ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. and ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc.’s brand equity by emphasizing the value and quality of ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc.’s products through advertising and marketing.  ProX – Xstatic Pro, Inc. (“ProX”) has established a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy that authorized dealers must follow for the advertising and marketing of ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. Brand products. Dealer partners who acknowledge, understand and promote the superior qualities differentiating ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. products from competitive products, have proven successful in the achievement of sales and profit goals. Advertising ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. products below minimum advertised prices reduces the ability and incentive of dealers to invest in the training of qualified sales personnel who also acknowledge, understand and promote ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc.’s superior qualities and value, and significantly erodes the valuable brand equity consumers relate to ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. products, service and brand.


All ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. authorized dealers, by virtue of being an authorized dealer, agree to the terms and conditions of the following: This MAP policy applies to all advertisements of ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. products in any professional or consumer media, including, but not limited to: printed flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, literature, newsletters, website, Amazon, Ebay, Etc. or electronic media of any form.

1. ProX Live Entertainment products may not be advertised for less than the MAP price.  MAP pricing is established and updated for all ProX branded products by the publication of current dealer price sheets and/or it’s website; ProX reserves the right to adjust MAP at any time without notice.  It is the sole responsibilty of the dealer to obtain updated price sheets and to monitor changes in the pricing or MAP pricing of all products.

2. The MAP policy is not applicable to advertising that is not distributed to any customers or prospective customers (i.e. single email or by telephone).  Email blast marketing may not include any prices below MAP!

3. MAP applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which products are actually sold or offered for sale to individual customers. ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. dealers are free to sell ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. products at any price they choose in excess or below of the MAP in the course of their business. Free shipping and/or handling or 0% sales tax promotions do not violate the MAP policy.

4. ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc.’s MAP Policy allows dealers to omit pricing entirely from advertisements and/or add statements such as “Call for Best Price/Professional Price” or “Call for Quote” or similar statements. Accordingly, dealers should not suggest or imply that ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. products are always on sale or always sold at discounts below MAP.   (IE: Club, Membership or other methods that state or imply prices below MAP)

5. ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. may discontinue products, or engage in a promotion of specific products at any time. In this case, ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP for those products for a specific or indefinate time.

6. At the sole discretion of ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc., intentional and/or repeated failure to abide by ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc.’s MAP Policy may result in the suspension or loss of dealer status, or other restrictions. Upon discovering and verifying that the Dealer is in violation of this policy, PROX will send a written warning requiring that corrective action be taken to eliminate the infraction within 15 days.  Failute to comply may lead to further action by ProX.

7. The terms of this MAP agreement are confidential and should not be disclosed to other parties. This policy, its provisions, or MAP prices may be changed at any time by PROX without prior notice. This MAP policy supersedes all previous ProX - Xstatic Pro, Inc. sales policies.

Dated: December 15, 2018