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LUMOStage 24 Inch Acrylic Side Panels W-Velcro | Set of Two

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ProX XSA-24X2 LUMOStage™ 24 Inch Acrylic Side Panels W/Velcro | Set of Two


The ProX XSA-24SX2 Acrylic side panels, for the LUMOStage™ XSA-2X2-24, can be replacements for broken panels or added to a module to make it complete for freestanding applications.  The acrylic surface areas are translucent white which allows the riser to be used with par or wash lighting for a stand-out performance and an appearance as unique as your lighting installation. 


Our LUMOStage™ LED platforms are able to be lit up by wired or wireless, remote controlled LED lights. When illuminated it can look like a luminous disco Saturday Night Fever, or a brilliant all white. You can have programmed lighting patterns in it as well.  You are only limited by your imagination. 

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