VESA Mount - White Laptop Tray

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X-LTF01 VESA Mount - White Laptop Tray

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ProX X-LTF01 VESA Mount - White Laptop Tray


The ProX X-LTF01 VESA Mount Laptop Tray connects to 75x75 or 100x100 VESA pattern monitor mounts to provide a full-motion laptop mount to enable raising laptops to a comfortable view position.  This VESA mounted laptop tray has adjustable bottom retainers and a velcro retention strip to fit nearly all brands and models of laptops on the market.  The X-LTF01 has ventilation cut-outs to provide adequate airflow to the laptop bottom and to help prevent overheating.  By bringing the screen to eye level you can achieve proper posture at your workstation and prevent eye strain, back and neck issues that are typical with laptops sitting on low surfaces. 

VESA mount support arm is not included.  


  • All Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated White Finish
  • Easy to Use and Adjust
  • Maximum Weight Capacity XX Lbs
  • ProX 1 Year Limited Warranty

CAUTION:  Using devices heavier than the rated weights listed may result in instability and/or causing damage or injury.  Mounts must be attached as specified in assembly instructions.  Improper installation may result in property damage or injury. Make sure that the supporting surface will safely support the combined weight of the tray and all attached hardware and components. Use the included mounting screws only and do not overtighten mounting screws during installation. This product is intended for indoor use.  Mounting this product outdoors could lead to damage to it from environmental hazards.

To Fit

All laptop brands and models up to 16.5 inches diagonal screen size.


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